Plenary 1

Cardinal Marc Ouellet PSS

Communio: The ecclesial key to the Conciliar Church

Plenary 2

Professor Anthony Kelly CssR

Intention and Text – Spirit and Letter

Plenary 3

Archbishop Allen Vigneron

The mission ad gentes and the evangelical imperative of the Council

Plenary 4

Professor Anne Hunt

A Council for the Laity? The vision of Vatican II in empowering the lay faithful

Plenary 5

Archbishop Arthur Roche

Actuosa Paticipatio

Plenary 6

Professor Tracey Rowland

Receiving the Council in the Church in Australia

Plenary 7

Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero

A new apologetics for the new evangelisation: the Catholic Voices experience

Plenary 8

Keynote Speakers Panel Discussion

Plenary 9

Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Proposing a Vatican II faith to a secularised culture